Wilcom EmbroideryConnect is an exciting new solution that enables wireless design transfer capability from your Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4 software to any USB compatible embroidery machine.

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The solution is a combination of the EmbroideryConnect Element plus the WiFi USB Stick supplied by Wilcom.




In This Article:

  • EmbroideryConnect Set-up Video
  • Known Limitations & Requirements


EmbroideryConnect Set-up Video

The following details outlines the set-up instructions for EmbroideryConnect.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the EmbroideryConnect Supplement documentation with your software.

EmbroideryConnect SupplementTo access the EmbroideryConnect Supplement, open Wilcom EmbroideryStudio and browse to Help > Manual Supplements.



Known Limitations & Requirements

  • The computer with the shared design folders must remain powered at all times for the designs to be accessible by the WiFi USB Stick.
  • The number of designs a WiFi USB Stick can hold depends on the length of the design filenames. It is recommended that design filename be no longer than 8 characters, and not contain spaces or special characters.
  • An average USB WiFi Stick will hold from 20 to 58 designs. It is recommend you clear designs from your shared design folders at the end of each shift to reduce the chance of reaching a maximum limit.
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