How to Create a Split Design In ES e4.5 Designing (4-Part Series)

Sep 16, 20212:00pm EDT1 hour
Sep 23, 20212:00pm EDT1 hour
Oct 8, 20212:00pm EDT1 hour
Oct 14, 20212:00pm EDT1 hour

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1. How to Create a Basic Split Design from Scratch 9/16
How to break down a simple graphic design into a split design

2. How to Create an Intermediate Split Design from Scratch 9/23
More complex design for the intermediate Digitizer

3. How to Create a Complex Split Design from Scratch 10/7
More complexed, time-consuming design for the Advanced Digitizer

4. How to Create a Split Design from an existing Embroidered Design 10/14
Breaking down what can and what cannot be done to an existing Embroidery Design