EmbrideryStudio E4.5 Beginner Series (12 Part Series)

Sep 29, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Oct 6, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Oct 9, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Oct 13, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Oct 20, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Oct 23, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Oct 27, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Oct 29, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Nov 3, 20202:00pm EST1 hour
Nov 10, 20202:00pm EST1 hour
Nov 17, 20202:00pm EST1 hour
Nov 20, 20202:00pm EST1 hour

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Are you new to Embroidery? Are you new to using EmbroideryStudio Designing E4.5 if so this class is for you. James Timmons will take you through a 12 part series of all the ins and out of this program. Classes are scheduled through 9/29-11/20
9/29 Session- Finding Help with EmbroideryStudio E4.5
10/6 Session- Setting up hoops and Threads Setting in E4.5
10/9 Session- How to use Connectors in E4.5
10/13 Session- Using the Auto Start and End
10/20 Session- Worksheets & approval Sheets
10/23 Session- Wilcom .EMB Files and Stitch Data Files
10/27 Session - Let's learn all the Different stitch types
10/29 Session Reshape Tool and Stitch Angel Tools
11/3 Session- Selecting Objects in Embroidery Studio Designing
11/10 Session- Let's talk Underlays
11/17 Session- Pull Compensation
11/20 Session- Stitch Densities