*The Basics Just for Beginners /Stitch Types (5 Part Series)

Jan 23, 20232:00pm EST1 hour
Jan 25, 20232:00pm EST1 hour
Feb 1, 20232:00pm EST1 hour
Feb 15, 20232:00pm EST1 hour
Feb 16, 20232:00pm EST1 hour

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Are you new to Embroidery - New to Wilcom come learn the different stitch types
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1. What are Stitch Types 1/23

2. How do Stitch Types Effect My Embroidery Designs 1/25

3. How do Underlays Effect My Embroidery Designs -2/1

4. Creating Special Effects Fills Using Object Properties -2/15

5. How to Use Offset Fractions and Partition Lines in Object Properties-2/16