The Basics Just for Beginners (6-Part Series)

Jun 10, 20222:00pm EDT1 hour
Jun 15, 202212:00pm EDT1 hour
Jun 24, 20222:00pm EDT1 hour
Jul 1, 20222:00pm EDT1 hour
Jul 8, 20222:00pm EDT1 hour
Jul 15, 20222:00pm EDT1 hour

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Great Beginner course for E4.5 Embroidery Studio Designing Customers

After Installing your Embroidery Studio e4.5 Software -Setting up the Wilcom Workspace 6/10

Understanding the Menus in the Wilcom Workspace 6/15 ( this class will be taught at 12:00EST)

Opening Files/ Importing/ Saving in the Wilcom Workspace 6/24

Creating Basic Lettering in the Wilcom Workspace 7/1

-What Stitch Types to Use in the Wilcom Workspace 7/8

Discovering the Arrange, Shaping and Sequence Tools 7/15

Editing Third-Party Stitch Data Files 7/20