Embroidery Web API Example

Wilcom Embroidery Web API

Online embroidery capabilities from Wilcom!

If you develop your own website, and want to …

  • Create online previews of embroidery designs
  • Create custom embroidery lettering online
  • Combine and convert embroidery designs
  • Automate your design processes and embroidery-enable your business software
  • Personalize lettering in existing template designs
  • Preview customer artwork on garments before digitizing

…then Wilcom’s Embroidery Web API is perfect for you!

What is it?

Wilcom Embroidery Web API (EWA) is Wilcom’s 3rd generation embroidery automation developer tool kit. It provides the embroidery specific back end web services to web developers of embroidery and apparel companies so that they can add embroidery capabilities to their websites, web applications, and internal business systems.

Put simply… It gives you access to the brains behind our embroidery software so that you can use this to automate your own online embroidery designs. Your website becomes powered by Wilcom’s industry leading software, in a seamless and easy-to-use way.

Wilcom’s technology can be used within your website to display real time embroidery previews and create actual production files.

For a more product information, please see the API Developer Portal Website

How does it work?

The Wilcom Web API is designed for use by web developers, not end users. Embroidery companies who develop (or contract the development of) their own custom websites, or Web Digital Agencies access the API through a subscription to our hosted Web Services.

You sign up for a subscription plan to Wilcom’s EWA API, and then access the technical information required via our API Developer Portal.

Your developers create the user interface within your own website or web application. They add selected embroidery capabilities to the website by making calls to the API using RESTful HTTP: POST commands and receiving results back in a similar way.

EWA uses Wilcom’s world renowned embroidery lettering and design software and is fully compatible with Wilcom’s popular .EMB design format.

What does an EWA API subscription provide?

We provide a toolkit for you to integrate our embroidery software capabilities with your website.
The subscription includes:

  • Access to Wilcom’s Embroidery Web API software on Wilcom hosted API server
  • Access to Wilcom’s API Developer Portal, with
  • Detailed developer documentation
  • Dashboard facilities and statistics to manage your use of the API
  • Online forum with other Wilcom API developers
  • Support and expertise to help you integrate the technology

Find out more

Visit our API Developer Portal website, where you can access basic information in the public pages, or if you want access to technical documentation and trial software you can request a free 30-day Trial Account*.

You can also Request a Free Trial account directly from your Wilcom sales representative. *Trial Accounts are for assessment purposes only and not to be used for commercial activities. You must upgrade your account to a commercial plan in order to use it for commercial purposes.

For a more product information:

Visit The API Portal