EmbroideryStudio e4 Element Chenille
EmbroideryStudio e4 Element Chenille 01
EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Elements


Add chenille embroidery capabilities to a lockstitch embroidery digitizing system

  • Create intricate Chenille designs
  • Select from stitch types like run stitching or decorative
  • Control needle height, corners and stitch length

EmbroideryStudio Chenille lets you create a wealth of intricate Chenille designs. Select from a wide set of stitch types basic, like moss and run stitching, or decorative, like Island Coil and Perpendicular Fills.

You can scale any design: EmbroideryStudio Chenille automatically recalculates and regenerates stitching. Control needle height, corners, stitch length, and more. Add Chenille lettering too, using EmbroideryStudio e4’s own optimized embroidery fonts, or any TrueType font.

EmbroideryStudio e4 Element Chenille 01