EmbroideryStudio e4 Elements Schiffli
EmbroideryStudio e4 Elements schiffli 01
EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Elements


Create and prepare lacework and emblems precisely and efficiently

  • Creates files for standard and multihead machines
  • EmbroideryStudio creates perfect repeat joins
  • Supports the codes for major machine types

EmbroideryStudio Schiffli creates embroidery files for standard Schiffli and multihead machines. With EmbroideryStudio Schiffli, you control the design, the production and the Schiffli machine functions. Start with any bitmap or vector art from your digitizer or from existing files. Lacework is most often about repeated patterns: EmbroideryStudio Schiffli creates perfect repeat joins. Machine settings are handled automatically, which you can then fine tune. Optimized pattern arrangements minimize digitizing time and disk space. EmbroideryStudio supports the codes for Laesser machines, all Plauen (T10) and Saurer (T15) functions, and direct reading and writing with Hiraoka DAT, Saurer SAS formats and the high-resolution Wilcom ESS format.

EmbroideryStudio e4 Elements schiffli 01