Embroidery Studio Designing E4 Beginning Series

Jan 23, 20191:00pm EST1 hour
Jan 30, 20191:00pm EST1 hour
Feb 6, 20191:00pm EST1 hour
Feb 15, 20191:00pm EST1 hour
Feb 20, 20191:00pm EST1 hour

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Are you new to using Embroidery Studio Designing E4? Take our 5 week course to learn some great getting started tips about your program.

Jan 23- Gettig Started with EmbroideryStudio
E4/ Setup and Maintenance

Jan 30- How to Set Up Lettering in Embroidery Studio E4/ Baselines and Properties

Feb 6- How to Use TrueType Fonts in EmbroideryStudio E4/ TTF Conversion

Feb 15 - How to Use Editing in EmbroideryStudio E4/ Opening & Editing Stitch Data Files

Feb 20- How to Use Auto-Conversion in
EmbroideryStudio E4/ Auto-Converting Simple
Designs in ES 4 and CorelDraw