Wilcom Testimonials

Tech Support is a pleasure with Wilcom

We are a small but busy shop and recently had a vexing issue with communication between our machine and computer. Tech support veteran Marcia Prcela was a rock star in patiently helping us eliminate factors to narrow down the source of the problem. She is a great asset to the Wilcom America team, and it’s good to know we have that team as support to our work.

John Cloutier
The Logo Shop
Southbridge MA

20 yr customer

From my original purchase from Wilcom…this company backs the customer as well as their product.
I have worked with James Timmons… Clark and Maria in support… they all have gone out above and beyond
My problems seem so huge to me over the years ,but everyone has just rolled up their sleeves and made my problems go away… or at least understand what the problem is, so I can fix it( sometimes it was my computer and not their program.)
So when you work with Wilcom you work with family. Thank you to all of you at Wilcom.

Carol Musacchio
CEO Enterprises
New Jersey

Switched from Hatch and it’s seamless and the best thing I ever did!

I started with Embird which was good for the price but has limitations. Then I paid for Wilcom Hatch and Hatch V2 and discovered that my SWF 1501c always seemed to stitch out better with files digitized in Hatch. I’ve since made the switch to Wilcom Embroidery Studio V4.5 and I’m not looking back. What a great program. Here’s something people may not realize. If you have a bunch of files you digitized in another program and were reluctant to move away from your old program and make the switch to Studio 4.5.. don’t worry.. I have been able to take Embird .eof files, open them in Embird Studio, then export as an .svg file. The open new in Wilcom and then click on the Corel Draw icon. Import the .svg and break it apart. Then send to Wilcom Studio as embroidery. Sometimes there are objects covering parts of the embroidery that you just need to click on and break apart. I’ve done this with about 8 .eof files and with very little cleanup, I now have Grade A Wilcom .emb files!!!

I’ve included my most recent digitized file that I did for a customer of the Honda 2020 Goldwing non-tour motorcycle.

This was a fantastic move for me and I’m so glad I did. Theresa P. is so great to deal with! Thank you!!!!!!

Matt Caswell
Owner and everything else, Dry Heat Embroidery

Matthew Caswell
Mesa, AZ

Tarheel Screen Printing



Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how much I have enjoyed and learned from the online training classes – especially those taught by James. His instruction is easy to understand and professional. It is because of the classes taught by James that our business decided today to upgrade from Decorating to Designing software. Look forward to more classes and growing our embroidery business with Wilcom.


Danny L


Tarheel Screen Printing Inc.

Since 1984

Danny L
Tarheel Screen Printing

Amazing Customer Service

I am amazed at the high standard of customer service Wilcom America offers. Every time I have called for assistance with anything from my first question about the software to adding elements to my program I have had the best customer service possible. Theresa Pierre is always available to answer questions and help find the solutions I am seeking. Thank you!

Dawn Duncan

New to Wilcom

I cannot say enough how helpful your webinars are. I have spent the last year learning as much as I could online about embroidery while forming Gail’s Eve. During this time, I have hade many conversations that added clarity to my vision around what is possible in the world of embroidery and your webinars shored up ahaa moments that my vision could be fulfilled given the capabilities of Wilcom’s offerings. I am so thrilled to have met Theresa and Selena, and I look forward to growing and giving back in the embroidery world.

Thank you,

Genevieve Johnson
Gail's Eve Quilts, Applique and Fabric Design, LLC
Brooklyn, NY

Awesome webinar!

As always, the webinar was interesting and very informative.  I am new to the Wilcom family and am just learning the software.  The webinars are super helpful.  Thank you!

J. Berglund
Apparel Expressions

Behalf of James Timmons

Hi Theresa-

Hope this email finds you well!

Want to “sing praises” and send accolades on behalf of James Timmons!

Too often we don’t take the time to send an email expressing our gratitude at a job that was performed with excellence.

James is always willing to lead a helping hand, is very friendly & courteous; plus his level of knowledge within the embroidery world is spot-on!

I’ve never met anyone better at digitizing logos than James…he could do this stuff in his sleep!

James is definitely a rare gem, and you, as well as Wilcom America, are blessed having him aboard!

Looking forward to a return training session in the fall with the BEST!

Have a great day!


Tammy Keister  | Embroidery Digitizer / Designer

Tammy Keister
Ralph Lauren

Wilcom Personnel Are Truly Great People

I had a situation in which I requested support. I interacted with Cynthia Tisby, and although there was a trade show going on and there was less support staff available, she was amazingly helpful. My issue was directly related to not having the updated version of my software and I was having trouble with small lettering. In short not only did she assist me with fixing my lettering, but my small lettering has never looked this good. It is so nice to know that when you invest a lot of money in a software package you still have the support needed to get the job done. Not only did she help me achieve my project goal, but a few days later she called me to follow up (OMG AMAZING) no one does that in today’s market. I also received a call from Theresa Pierre, the Wilcom office manager and what an extraordinary person to deal with. The people I have dealt with are Polite and so helpful. I cannot say enough. There is a saying I have heard in the wilcom trade show booth ” You Become Part of the Wilcom Family ” I can testify that it is a true statement. So anyone thinking about investing in a digitizing software don’t hesitate to choose Wilcom because they have your back.

Many Thanks to Cynthia and Theresa for the Incredible support. I’m proud to be part of the Wilcom family.

Blessings to all

Edwin Gonzalez
Brookfield, CT


Dear James:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your patience and one on one training that you gave to me. Your patience was unbelievable and your dedication to WilcomAmerica is beyond approach.


Your help was so successful in enabling me to learn what I needed to do and also to pass it on. I cannot thank you enough. I was ready to box up my program, and send it back, but you saved the day and also saved me from further frustration.


I cannot thank you enough. I hope that you receive the recognition that you deserve in being a Wilcom America most valuable asset.


Bless You!!

Dante C.
Danbury, Ct.

Best ever software and webinars

Many thanks again for the current series of webinars. Thank you James for sharing your knowledge with us, and for the recordings – I have learned so much again. Please do more of these excellent webinars!

South Africa

Trainer Goes Above and Beyond

Dear James:
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your patience training that you gave me. Your patience was unbelievable and your dedication to Wilcom America is beyond approach.
Your help was so successful in enabling me to learn what I needed to do and also to pass it on. I cannot thank you enough. I was ready to box up my program, and send it back, but you saved the day and also saved me from further frustration.
I cannot thank you enough. I hope that you receive the recognition that you deserve in being a WilcomAmerica most valuable asset.
Bless You!!
Dante Capuano

Dante Capuano
Danbury CT

Ohio Wilcom E4 Training

I am new to the embroidery world but have been sewing for a decade. Had an opportunity to expand my upholstery business, but I had to hit the ground running. I had 30 days to learn the software and my Tajima. All of the research pointed to wilcom e4 for my digitizing software. I’ve been digitizing for just over a year with little training so I decided to go to the Ohio training.
Maria is an amazing digitizer and instructor. I have such an amazing understanding now and I will not be intimidated by complex images anymore. I cant thank her enough for spending extra time to make sure myself and others understand. I look forward to growing with wilcom and couldn’t be happier with the results of wilcom e4.2 and the training.

Andrew Buchanan
Top Stitch Solutions
Highland Michigan


Excellent webinar.  Had not been able to attend one in very long time.  Happy to see James Timmons again.  He’s such a good instructor.  Was a good refresher.

Mary T.

Thank you

Hello, just a word of thanks for the excellent Embroidery Studio E4 Beginning Series. I’ve learned a lot, James is a great tutor and I hope that there will be many more classes like these.

Alida du Plessis

Love The Training

I LOVED the training and REALLY APPRECIATE it!!!  James is wonderful, and it is so helpful how his training is him working out loud – so we learn to think like a digitizer!!


Thank you so much, James and Wilcom for this wonderful support!!!


E. Casa
North Haverhill, NH

Great Job James

I just wanted to tell you what a great job James is doing with the online webinars. His knowledge of digitizing and the E4 software is incredible. I am amazed every time I listen and watch his presentations, and I learn so many new things with every webinar. James is so good about explaining techniques clearly and concisely and his wealth of experience is very evident. He is very patient and thorough answering everyone’s questions.
I look forward to his upcoming webinars and rewatch them often.
Just wanted to let you know how fortunate Wilcom is to have such a quality instructor and person on your staff.

M. Hiltabidle

Wilcom Support Team

Would like to thank Theresa and Maria for their friendly service and help in my time of need. Theresa continued to work with me and answer my questions and then led me to Maria who went above and beyond to help me with a problem no other embroidery digitizer could answer. Most companies would have said my situation was a lost cause but Maria worked on the problem and emailed me a solution which worked. Their dedicated service and concerns towards my company has convinced me to develop a business relationship with Wilcom. Genuine customer service is hard to come by these days. Look forward to working with Wilcom in the future and thanks again!

Danny Long
Tarheel Screen Printing Inc.
Durham, North Carolina 27705

Stellar customer service

A little history…I have been agonizing over changing computers from PC to Mac. The idea of using Parallel so I could use the MAC seemed a challenge for me. Theresa has been VERY helpful in answering questions…lots of questions.

I recently attended ISS in Long Beach, where I was able to meet with many vendors I deal with on the phone. Of all the vendors, Theresa and Selena stood out as, my employee said, “the nicest and most sincere”. Selena’s presentation at the booth made my employee take a deeper interest in digitizing. For this, I THANK YOU!

Having the Embroidery Studio Designing E4.0 program is making my process so much quicker and smoother. There are training classes available, so I will check them out to maximize the software to its fullest potential.

Thank you Wilcom team!

Eileen Sylvia
Newark, California

Above and beyond!

Lets face it, good customer service is pretty hard to come by in this day and age. If you are looking for excellent customer service look no further than Theresa Pierre. It is always a pleasure to work with Theresa. Whether you are a large embroidery company, a small mom-and-pop shop or a hobbyist, you can always count on Theresa to go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the best customer service and that all your needs are met. Theresa, thank you so much for the wonderful work you do and thank you for always making it such a pleasure to order software from Wilcom or to upgrade existing software. I have to confess that I am a machine embroidery addict and I have tried many different embroidery software programs and none compares to Wilcom. Keep up the amazing work!

Texas, United States

Wilcom America Training


I wanted to drop you a note and let you know I was incredibly impressed with the class. It was amazing help in building my skill set with Wilcom Embroidery Studio 4 Decorating. James was a superhero instructor. He had tons of practical tips and rules that will help everyone do better embroidery. He gracefully handled the questions from me, with lots of experience as well as the other student who was brand new to the industry. The hotel was above my expectations and I am very glad I took the class. It will help me build my business and do high quality embroidery. Thank you for all of your help in making this work.


Above all, I am deeply impressed that Wilcom kept the class for only 4 students. It shows that Wilcom is committed to the success of it’s customers and not simply focused on the revenue. That’s refreshing in this industry and this age.

Brian G.
5103 Ventures Inc.