EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Elements Hand Stitch
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EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Elements

Hand Stitch Effect

Tired of perfect machine stitching every time? Fashion trends are leaning towards a more organic look which is very hard to achieve with current design tools. Create a randomized organic hand-feel stitch effect. The Hand Stitch Effect will simulate a hand embroidery effect by randomizing the spacing, angle, and length of the stitches. This stitch type can be applied to an entire design with a single click. You have the option of deciding how random you would like your stitches to be. (Use it on satin, tatami, run, and backstitch).

  • Select the random stitch spacing
  • Select the random stitch angle
  • Select the random stitch lengths
  • Apply it to your favorite stitch type.

The Hand Stitch Effect will create fashion-forward designs and could revitalize your digitizing.

*Available as standard in EmbroideryStudio e4.5 Designing