EmbroideryStudio E4.5 Beginner Series II (12 Part Series)

Nov 10, 20204:00pm EST1 hour
Nov 18, 20202:00pm EST1 hour
Dec 1, 20202:00pm EST1 hour
Dec 8, 20202:00pm EST1 hour
Dec 15, 20202:00pm EST1 hour
Dec 22, 20202:00pm EST1 hour
Jan 12, 20212:00pm EST1 hour
Jan 19, 20212:00pm EST1 hour
Jan 26, 20212:00pm EST1 hour
Feb 2, 20212:00pm EST1 hour
Feb 9, 20212:00pm EST1 hour
Feb 18, 20212:00pm EST1 hour

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1. How to Use the Lettering Properties Toolbars-11/10

2. How to Edit Bad Stitch Data Files-11/18

3. How to Use the Connectors/ Underlays/ Special Properties -- 12/1

4. How to Use the Toolbox/ Reshape Tool /Traditional Digitizing Tools--12/8

5. How to Create a Simple Design in CorelDRAW--12/15

6. How to Prepare a Design for Production after Auto-Conversion from CorelDRAW---12/22

7. How to Import Graphics/ Embroidery Files---1/12

8. How to Digitize a Simple Design--1/19

9. How to Digitize an Intermediate Design---1/26

10. How to Create an Applique in CorelDRAW---2/2

11. How to Modify an Applique---2/9

12. How to Fix problems with Third Party Designs---2/16