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Still using old Wilcom Embroidery Software? Now is the perfect time to update


EmbroideryStudio e4.2 has just been released, and with it, more than 50 incredible enhancements to your favorite embroidery software. These will dramatically improve your embroidery and multi-decoration business. Call now and experience the difference it can make to your business.

customer focused

Customer focused solutions

Fast and accurate stitch estimation. Present quotes professionally with high-res product images. Integrated approval process. Improved customer satisfaction.

save more time

Save more time

Quicker access with the new ‘Recent’ features. Instant access to recently used fonts, stitch types and designs. New single-click options. Work on multiple designs in different tabs.

creativity tools

New creativity tools

6 add-on Elements now included as standard. New stitch types, New creative add-on Elements available. New 3D foam, logo and specialty fonts.

Today’s software is a lot more affordable than you imagine

Product Visualizer

Product Visualizer

Accurately showcase customer designs on over 1000 hi-resolution products or add from your own collection. Email PDF to customer for approval.

multiple design tabs

Multiple Design Tabs

Work smarter and faster with multiple designs at the same time. When done, close all in a single-click with the new ‘File > Close All’ command.


64-Bit / Windows 10

Built for 64-Bit systems, EmbroideryStudio e4.2 is Windows 10 compatible and delivers significant performance improvements when working with large files in the fashion market.

order job feature

Order Job Feature

Store customer names, order numbers, due dates, product details, sizes, quantities, and colors, all in the .EMB design file.

216 digitized fonts

216 Digitized Fonts

Full control and kerning of professionally embroidered, TrueType and OpenType fonts. Recently used fonts appear on top and all previews appear in solid lettering.

virtual embroidery

Included Elements

6 add-on Elements as FREE STANDARD inclusions

Integrated Design Library

Integrated Design Library

Browse and manage your designs. Add customer information, categories and much more. All searchable for faster access.

advanced color management

Advanced Color Management

Edit and select colors more easily, and auto-scroll to the object in the Color-Object list. A color wheel feature assists with perfect color combinations.

add-on elements

Paid add-on Elements

Looking to do specialist embroidery? There is an array of paid add-on Elements available, e.g. Sequins Advanced, Spiral Fill, Shading & Open Fills and many more.

Your business is missing out!

Still using EmbroideryStudio Designing e1, e2 or e3? Below is a list of features that you are missing vs EmbroideryStudio e4.2.

Download the feature comparison table


✔ : Included as Standard
o : Paid Add-on Element (Optional)
– : Not available for this product

Features available in these versions:e1e2e3e4.2
Wilcom Home Screen
Developed for 64-Bit Systems
Windows 10 Compatible
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite Included
216 Professional Fonts
Kerning (Automatic Letter Spacing)
Digitizing & Design Creatione1e2e3e4.2
Graphics Digitizing Toolbar
Additional Stitch Types (Vector, Satin Raised, Square, Double Square)
Email Production Approval PDFs
Product Visualizer
Over 1000 New High-Resolution Product Images
New and Customized Embroidery Hoops
Double Tatami Underlay
Virtual Decoration
Auto-Digitize Bitmapsooo
Vector Drawingooo
Export Multi-Decoration Files
Remove Overlaps
Advanced Color Management
Design & Order Managemente1e2e3e4.2
Integrated Design Library
Open Multiple Design Tabs
Order Job Feature
Paid Add-on Elements (optional)e1e2e3e4.2
Spiral Fillso
String Stitcho
Team Names Advanced (Enhanced in e4)oo
Motifs Advanced *Requires Motifs Element (Standard)o
Offsets Advanced (Enhanced in e4)oooo
Single Sequino
Sequins Advancedo

Download a comprehensive feature comparison table

microsoft eol

After January 12, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PC’s running Windows 7, meaning business will need to update to Windows 10.  Don’t leave it too late to update your Wilcom EmbroideryStudio.



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40th anniversary

40 Years of Embroidery Excellence

Developed and supported by the leader in machine embroidery software for over four decades.


Bundled together with CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite

EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing is bundled with the full CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite, delivering the best multi-decoration software in the world.


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