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Summary of DecoLite e4.2 (e4.2J)

Summary of DecoLite e4.2 (e4.2J):


  • For DecoLite ONLY. NOT for EmbroideryStudio.
  • DecoLite e4.2 requires a 64-bit operating system.


New or improved:

  • 64-bit operating system support
  • A new “Home screen” loads when DecoLite starts, providing the user with quick access to recently created designs, value-add content including tutorial videos, and the latest Community Forum & Product Blog posts.
  • You can now double-click a color palette icon to edit the color palette values.
  • A user can quickly preview design objects that use a particular thread color, by holding down the mouse-button on a particular thread palette color.
  • When an object is selected with the Color-Object List open, the Color-Object List will automatically scroll to the position of the object in the list and expand any close color nodes.
  • Graphical digitizing tools have been improved to remember the last used stitch type for the selected.
  • The font preview of lettering objects is now a solid color, making it easier to see your custom lettering in your selected font.
  • The user can now set a size of the lettering preview from small to HUGE!
  • The font selection drop-down list now supports a ‘Recent List’ which displays any recently selected fonts by the user.
  • Type in the name of the font, and the list will be filtered to only display those with similar names. Furthermore, when you open the font list, it will remember the current location of your selected font, allowing you to continue selecting new fonts from this position.
  • It is now possible to close all design windows at once with File > Close All.
  • The display of design thumbnails has been improved to remember the display settings of the design file at the time of being saved.



  • Problems have been reported when nudging objects at high zoom factors. If you zoom in too close, the object didn’t respond to nudging using arrow keys. This problem has been resolved in e4.2.
  • A problem was reported when using vector objects with Show Repeats. At high zoom factors, vectors fail to appear. This problem has been resolved in e4.2.
  • Sometimes, an error ‘Not enough memory for this operation’ appears when:
    • capturing a virtual decoration,
    • importing large design images, or
    • opening large embroidery designsThis problem has been resolved in e4.2.
  • Problems have been reported with the unwanted removal of small stitches when exporting a design to some stitch formats, even when Remove Small Stitches is set to ‘Never’. This problem has been resolved in e4.2.
  • Problems have been reported when exporting design files to FDR-3 format for use with Barudan V series machines. This problem has been resolved in e4.2.


Download the update

  DecoLite e4.2 (e4.2J) Full Installer (1.9 GB, 4,329 hits)

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