Wilcom is a great software and allows me to do what I need to do in a very efficient way. I have a love-hate relationship with some aspects of the software but I have that with every software I own. On that point, I own 5 different digitizing software but I use Wilcom the most because of the features it has and things like shortening stitches around a curve. EmbroideryStudio gives me the tools I need at an affordable price. That all being said where Wilcom really stands out from its competition is its service. It’s no secret that Theresa is my favorite person at Wilcom. I had an issue and she spearheaded the effort to find a solution. She’s not even in support! Also, there are the classes offered by James. Free digitizing training in the software from someone who really knows what they are doing and is doing it in software that you will be using. I can’t recommend Wilcom enough. I like the software. But really it’s Theresa and James that make the Wilcom experience one to remember.

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