I started with Embird which was good for the price but has limitations. Then I paid for Wilcom Hatch and Hatch V2 and discovered that my SWF 1501c always seemed to stitch out better with files digitized in Hatch. I’ve since made the switch to Wilcom Embroidery Studio V4.5 and I’m not looking back. What a great program. Here’s something people may not realize. If you have a bunch of files you digitized in another program and were reluctant to move away from your old program and make the switch to Studio 4.5.. don’t worry.. I have been able to take Embird .eof files, open them in Embird Studio, then export as an .svg file. The open new in Wilcom and then click on the Corel Draw icon. Import the .svg and break it apart. Then send to Wilcom Studio as embroidery. Sometimes there are objects covering parts of the embroidery that you just need to click on and break apart. I’ve done this with about 8 .eof files and with very little cleanup, I now have Grade A Wilcom .emb files!!!

I’ve included my most recent digitized file that I did for a customer of the Honda 2020 Goldwing non-tour motorcycle.

This was a fantastic move for me and I’m so glad I did. Theresa P. is so great to deal with! Thank you!!!!!!

Matt Caswell
Owner and everything else, Dry Heat Embroidery

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