In this day and age when workforces are challenged with shortages, revolving doors, and inadequate knowledge transfer, it’s become truly uncommon to experience exceptional service anymore and it’s not easy to lay blame for this–it’s just the shape of the world we live in today. So, when I cold-called the service line for assistance with a quote and for update procedures that were left for me by my predecessor to follow up from seven months ago, I was pleasantly floored that Theresa Pierre was quick to address all the concerns I had to make strategic decisions regarding our software update. She was technically, operationally, and financially savvy; professionally addressing all our business needs and even via email, her follow through was timely and exemplary. We can only hope to be as lucky to have a Theresa on the other end when we pick up the phone for any need, but especially when deploying time-sensitive, technical projects, I am truly grateful she was there for me. Cold-calling an information line with a company I have never spoken with before, I had the lowest expectations and yet, Theresa models what a brand ambassador should be, and more.

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