Theresa, James, and the rest of the team at Wilcom took care of me in ways they didn’t need to. I obtained a used (legitimate) copy of Wilcom Embroidery Studio 3. After I got used to it and needed ot upgrade my system, I found myself in need of an upgrade to version 4.5 Not only did Theresa set me up with a great structured deal that worked with my budget, they also made sure I had all the resources I needed (James has a TON of videos to share) to make the jump.

On top of that, it turned out that I was shipped my copy of 4.5 a mere three weeks before they changed the Corel integration from Corel 2017 to Corel 2020. Theresa worked some serious magic and got me an upgrade. I didn’t deserve it, I almost felt silly asking, but she made it happen and I am very VERY grateful.

Very happy with the software. Like any power tool, it takes time to master and I am no master. But I am learning, and I see no reason to look elsewhere for my digitizing/designing needs.

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