I had a situation in which I requested support. I interacted with Cynthia Tisby, and although there was a trade show going on and there was less support staff available, she was amazingly helpful. My issue was directly related to not having the updated version of my software and I was having trouble with small lettering. In short not only did she assist me with fixing my lettering, but my small lettering has never looked this good. It is so nice to know that when you invest a lot of money in a software package you still have the support needed to get the job done. Not only did she help me achieve my project goal, but a few days later she called me to follow up (OMG AMAZING) no one does that in today’s market. I also received a call from Theresa Pierre, the Wilcom office manager and what an extraordinary person to deal with. The people I have dealt with are Polite and so helpful. I cannot say enough. There is a saying I have heard in the wilcom trade show booth ” You Become Part of the Wilcom Family ” I can testify that it is a true statement. So anyone thinking about investing in a digitizing software don’t hesitate to choose Wilcom because they have your back.

Many Thanks to Cynthia and Theresa for the Incredible support. I’m proud to be part of the Wilcom family.

Blessings to all

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