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Applying a new fabric to an old design file


You have an old EMB design file that was digitized for a specific fabric without Auto Fabric. Now you want to use this design for a production on a very different fabric. Applying Auto Fabric with that new fabric on this design file is what you need. The software will re-calculate the Pull Compensation and the Underlay according to the new Fabric.


Please follow the procedure outlined below:

1)    Go to File > New from Template… menu
2)    In the New from Template dialog box, make sure the checkbox of Auto Fabric is checked
3)    Click on the OK button

Note: a new design is started with Auto Fabric applied.

4)    Go to File > Import Embroidery… menu
5)    In the Import Embroidery dialog box, select the emb file
6)    Click on the Open button

Note: the design is opened with Auto Fabric ON

7)    Go to Design > Auto Fabric… menu
8)    In the Auto Fabric dialog box, select a fabric in the fabric list
9)    Click on the OK button to apply

Note: at the point, a fabric has been applied to the design.

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