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Clipart database error (code 5)


When clicking on the Clipart button, and the following message is shown: “An error occurred while trying to connect to the database (code 5)”. The Code 5 error usually indicates that ES cannot locate or connect to the clipart database on the PC. ES may be trying to connect to the wrong database.


The following procedure should solve the problem.

1)     Create a UDL file (called Clipart.udl) in the \bin folder of your Embroidery Studio installation folder, that is,

If your Windows is 64bit Windows, “C:\Program Files (x86)\Wilcom\EmbroideryStudio_e3.0\BIN

If your Windows is 32bit Windows, “C:\Program Files\Wilcom\EmbroideryStudio_e3.0\BIN

The following procedure is for how to create a UDL file

i) Open Notepad
ii) Save as to “Clipart.txt”
iii) Rename “Clipart.txt” to “Clipart.udl”
Note: you need to turn off “Hide extensions for known file types” to be able to see file name extensions.

2)     After you have copied the udl file to the Bin folder, double left click to open the UDL properties

3)     In the Provider, make sure you choose SQL server

4)     Select your PC name as the server and the database to be Clipart.

5)     Click the “Test Connection” button.

Note: If this is successful, you should be able to access your clipart database.

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