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Cannot write the Defaults file [e4] | Debugger detected (E0030) [e3]

Cannot write the Defaults file error | Debugger detected (E0030) error



EmbroideryStudio e4 Cannot write the Defaults file error | EmbroideryStudio e3 “Debugger is detected” error


For EmbroideryStudio e4: “Cannot write the Defaults file” error

Wilcom Can't Write Defaults file

For EmbroideryStudio e3: “Debugger detected (E0030)” error

Wilcom Debugger detected (E0030)

Wilcom Software affected: EmbroideryStudio e4 and EmbroideryStudio/DecoStudio/DecoStudio Lite e3



Add the “Wilcom” Folder into the exclusion list of AVG software.


  1. Open AVG
  2. Click Settings
  3. Locate for the Exclusions Category
  4. Browse the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Wilcom or C:\Program Files\Wilcom and Add to the AVG Exclusion list

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