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EmbroideryStudio e2 is stuck on the splash screen


ES e2 can’t start up and stays at the splash screen. There was no sign of an error before.


It is most likely caused by antivirus software that has removed a file (HWRSETUP.DLL) from the ES e2 installation folder. Please do a Software Repair to resolve this problem:

1) Put the “Wilcom” installation folder in the Exclusion or Exception list of antivirus software

2) Insert the ES e2 installation DVD in the DVD drive

3) In the installation wizard, select “Repair“, then click on the “Next” button, until the end of the wizard

4) Reboot the PC

Note: At this point, the problem should have been resolved. If you have installed ES e2 Service Pack before, then you won’t be able to do a software repair with the ES e2 installation DVD, as it will say the version of the installation file on the DVD is older than what has been installed on this PC. You need to uninstall ES e2 and reinstall ES e2 and then reinstall ES e2 Service Pack. You can find the latest ES e2 Service Pack (SP3) in Download Center.

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