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How do you update from e2 to e3?

Below is the procedure on how to update your e2 to e3:

1)   Confirm the order has been placed by Wilcom for the update from e2 to e3. If the order has not been entered in our Dongle system, do not proceed with the update.

2)   Close all opened software and temporarily disable Antivirus software and Firewall. If you are unable to do this, allow “Updater.exe” to access the internet if prompted by the Antivirus software or Firewall.

3)   Remove the e2 Dongle from the computer and run the ES e3 installation setup.

4)   When prompted to attache a Dongle, plug in your e2 Dongle to the PC.

5)   The installation will update your e2 Dongle to e3 Dongle; if you have an internet connection, it will connect to our server and enter the access codes automatically into the Dongle. *Note* some corporate firewalls will block access to our server and codes will have to be entered via the text file.

6)   If you do not have an internet connection or the current ID code does not match our server, you will have to enter the access codes via automatic import from a text file. The installation will prompt you to do this.

7)   The installation will then continue and install e3 on to your computer.

8)   After rebooting, the installation will prompt you to install CorelDRAW X6 if entitled.

9)   Remember to re-enable Antivirus software and Firewall after the installation.

Once the Dongle is updated to run e3, it can no longer be used for e2. 

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