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Importing a TrueType Font from the Internet


You received a bitmap artwork file for digitizing an embroidery design with lettering in it. You were told that you must use a specific font for the lettering, but the font is not available in the Wilcom Alphabet list.

Solution: You can search for the font on the Internet and find the TrueType file. Add it to the Wilcom Alphabet list with the following procedure:

1)    Download the TrueType Font file.
2)    Open the file location in Windows Explorer.
3)    Select the file and Right click to “Copy” the file.
4)    Go to Windows Control Panel > Fonts folder.
5)    Right click somewhere in between the font files in the Fonts folder (avoid right clicking on any file) and “Paste” the New FontNote: at this point, you have imported a TrueType Font in Windows. In order to view the New Font, you must restart Wilcom Software.

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