Reducing the number of trims for lettering


If the lettering part in the emb file is the lettering object, then you need to adjust Connectors parameter for the lettering object. This can be achieved by following the procedure below:

1)   Select the Lettering object

2)   In the Object Properties dialog box, go to the Connectors tab

3)   Select “Inside object” in the drop-down list

4)   Increase the value for “If next connector > ” to 3mm or more by using the sliding bar in the value box. Or highlight the number in the value box and type in a new number and hit the Enter key

Note: the number of trim should be reduced for the lettering object.

If the lettering part in the emb file is not the lettering object, then you need to apply Branching for the lettering part. The following procedure needs to be followed:

1)   Select the whole line of the letters

2)   Click on the Branching button in the Arrange toolbox, or hit the “i” key (the shortcut of Branching)

3)   Mouse click on the left side of the lettering to define the start point of the Branching

4)   Mouse click on the right side of the lettering to define the end point of the Branching

Note: the lettering part is done with Branching, and the number of trims is reduced for the lettering part. Please also note that the trim inside Branching is also controlled by “Inside object” in Connectors.

After you have completed this procedure, you may exam the outcome by “Travel by Trim” in Travel toolbar, or you may visually exam the outcome by turning on TrueView. Repeat the procedure above until the desirable outcome is obtained. Then save to the EMB file and send the design file to the machine.

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