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Settings you may need to change after installation

The following settings you may need to change after installation:

1) Screen Calibration

You can find it in Setup > Screen Calibration menu. After you’ve done it, you can view design on screen in actual size by hit “1” key.

2) Turn on Cross Hair Cursor

You can find it in Options dialog box > General tab. Professional users like to use Cross Hair Cursor as it is easy to let you line up the point you click with a reference point during digitizing.

3) Turn on Design Integrity Alert

You can find it in Options dialog box > Warnings tab. Sometimes emb file becomes corrupted. With Design Integrity Alert ON, system will give a warning as soon as it detects data corruption occurred. To let system correct the error, simply doing this: Select All and Hit “g” key twice and system will recalculate the stitches for the design. Without Design Integrity Alert On, system won’t give a warning when data corruption occurred. In that case, the design data can become more and more damaged until it is completely corrupted.

3) Adjust background darkness

You can find it in Display Options button locating at the left end of Color Palette. If you feel the default background is too light, you may make it darker.

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